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The Wilher Collection & Foundation is a not for profit organization. The cards are not for sale. They are a private collection that belongs to my family. The collection can be exibit in your public libraries or schools. We also distribute educational supplies and sports equipment to underpriviledge children in the Dominican Republic. We had also send stuff to The Bronx (NY), Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cuba and Uganda with fellow teachers visiting hese countries. All these items are purchased in garage sales, flee markets, are given to us by friends, or donated at places where we exibit the collection. If you have any used sport equipment that you no longer use I will bet that the kids in the Dominican and other places can use it!

Wilson Hernández Peralta

Who's Who in The Wilher Collection and Foundation

Wilson Hernández Peralta is a teacher in Hightstown HS, East Windsor, NJ. He coaches baseball and soccer. He collects dominican baseball players cards since 1963.

Phili, Eli and Max are my kids. Their love and pride for the Dominican Republic and our culture is amazing.

Ing. Hector Hernández Muñoz is the director of Liga de Béisbol Ing. Hernández in Puerto Plata, Dom. Rep.

Max Peralta represents The Wilher Collection & Foundation in DR.


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